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iley love by Cori Lynn specializes in hair adornments, wedding veils, apparel adornments & vintage jewelry pieces that have been up-cycled into fresh and modern adornments that reflect today. Although the pieces are designed primarily for brides they're also likely to be incorporated into everyday wear.. Each piece is 100 percent handmade. I hand dye, cut and sew the materials for each lovely design. The materials used for the pieces are quality and picked to with stand the test of time. Due to the nature of handmade designs each piece will vary from the next but will be very similar to the picture you see. This makes each item a one of a kind piece made especially for you! You may also find vintage pieces used in our finished products that where found in near and far away places of the world.
I studied textiles and apparel at The Ohio State University in 2002-2005. This is where my love for vintage fashion flourished into a dream of designing a line of art that could be worn. At OSU I spent a lot my time in the Historic Costume & Textiles Department where they kept many items, such as vintage clothing, hats, handbags, jewelry & wedding gowns, veils and headpieces. Spending one quarter photographing vintage wedding gowns for record keeping is where my love for bridal designs first began. Since graduating I spent a lot of time dabbling in many areas in which I knew I wasn't going to stay. In Dec of 2008 I became a mother of a precious baby boy. This changed the way I viewed life. I realized that working in the corporate world was not true to who I am and so I threw herself into raising my son & my love for textile artistry. Although I had been experimenting with textile designs for some years, only recently have I found my focus.
Inspiring textiles you will normally find in my studio are mostly textured fabrics such as silks, velvet, vintage lace, rustic & natural fiber fabrics like linen and burlap. Vintage jewelry such as brooches, ear rings, pearls and rhinestones. The culmination of these textiles from around the world & inspiration from past eras have been the secret to my individualized designs.
When Im not found in my studio Im likely found watching old movies, in the gym, taking walks, playing games, reading books and laughing with my son Riley & little Yorkshire Terrier, named Jack.